Grade 9 Question Bank/Graad 9 Vraebank

Algebraic equations

Cartesian plane position and movements

Data handling 2

Conversions temperature

Area triangle, rectangle

Area problem solving

Equation and expression

Drawing and interpretation of graphs

Data Interpretation

Data handling

Finance maths



Expressions and equations

Functional relationship

Functional relationship and equations

Functional costs

Financial Maths

Financial maths problem solving

Geometry of straightline, circles, and triangles

geometric objects

Functions and relationships

Functions and graphs

Linear equations


Integers represented

Inequalities, equations and area

Geometry of straightline, circles, and triangles

Measurement problem solving

Measurement problem solving 3 , ratio

Measurement Problem solving 2

Measure of central tendency

Linear functions and area

Perspective drawing and geometric solids

Parallel lines, angles and exponents

Number systems

Number sequence

Number patterns 2

Rate and functions

Problem solving


Probability and relative frequency

Probability and graphs

Rational numbers, scientific notation

Ratio, rate and proportion

Ratio problem solving

Ratio and proportion

Ratio and proportion 2 problem solving

Transformation and the cartesian plane

Theorem of Pythagoras

Space, measurement and shape

Solution to equation and inequalities

Simple interest